New York Beauty

New York Beauty by Caroline Harris

Horrified, Sonja gazed at the screen. She was supposed to be the computer literate nut in the house; that’s why Ken had asked her to attach the photos to an email. Some sort of competition he said. Art he said. Well this wasn’t art!

It was a video; Asian Butterfly it was called. Some picture! She took one look at the brunette, with her pert breasts and perfect figure and was overcome with jealousy. Still Sonja just had to watch it, didn’t she? It’s only soft porn she told herself. Lots of men like it. It made her feel inadequate, like something was missing. Did her straitlaced husband get his kicks watching that? She was mortified. Ken was due home soon and she was afraid of his temper. She put down his bad moods to his job. After all being an embalmer for the local funeral parlour must be depressing. Quickly she attached the file to the email and pressed the send key.

At seven PM sharp, in walked her husband. “Hello love. You done that little job for me?” …

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